Dec 28, 2019

Who is the Killer Hunk of "The Dare"?

Ok, you've got my attention.  Let's see what you look like without the weird mask.

Unfortunately, IMDB says that this is a photo of: Giles Alderson, Johnny Grant, and Robert Maaser.  I doubt that.

The movie is The Dare, which was scheduled to appear in December 2019, but I find no evidence of any premiere, and no reviews.  Internet searches are stymied by the similarity with the hororr movie Truth or Dare and the indie gay romance Dare.

All I have is a plot synopsis:  A rare family night for Jay takes a brutal twist when he awakens in a basement with three other prisoners. As their vengeful captor runs riot, Jay engages in a twisted battle to solve the puzzle to his past and save his family's future.

So a mash-up of the Saw movies and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

I thought the killer must be the character named Creedence, but he's played by  Richard Brake.

So the four people in the room?  They each have adult and child versions.

1. Jay: Bart Edwards as an adult, Oliver Cunliffe as a boy.

2.Dominic: Robert Maaser as an adult, Harry Jarvis as a teen.  Buffed, but not "scary buffed," with bulging, spidery veins

3. Adam: Richard Short as an adult, Alexander Biehn as a child.

Richard Short has a nude scene in Vinyl (2016).  Impressive, but not the hunkoid.

4.  Paul: Daniel Schutzman as an adult, George Pillsworth as a child.  Nope.

5. That leaves Giles Alderson, the director, and Johnny Grant, the writer.

So who's the muscle hunk?

I'm guessing Robert Maaser, filmed right after a workout when your muscles swell up,   maybe with some CGI enhancements to make him look more threatening.

You know what that means?

The killer is in the house!

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