Jan 23, 2022

"Summer Heat": Not Much Heat, But a Tragic Gay Guy Named Maicon


Summer Heat (Tempora da Verao
) is a Brazilian teen soap set in a "paradisical resort."  I don't understand why anyone would want to watch except to see young adult muscles glistening in the sun.  I'll fill you in on the plot, such that it is, so you can fast-forward to the muscles.

Premise: Employees having soapy adventures at the Mariesa Hotel on an island resort in Brazil.

Focus Character:  Catarina, a rich guest en route to grad school, who suddenly becomes poor when her mother is arrested and her assets frozen.  With nowhere else to turn, she takes a job at the hotel.  

Other Drama:

1. Catarina's fiance Rodrigo (Leon Bittencourt) decides that he wants to get into the hotel business, probably so he has an excuse to stick around.

2. Employee Yasmin believes that hotel owner Mariesa (Felipe Roche, left) is her biological father.  Photo is from another series; he's heterosexual here.

3. Diego (Jorge Lopez), who has a tragic secret in his past, has to decide if he wants to get serious with his girlfriend, who has a dark secret in her past.

4. Miguel (Andre Luis Frambach) is a drug dealer who reforms under the guidance of his friend Conrado.  

5. Aspiring singer Conrado (Malcon Rodrigues) falls in love with Miguel, who isn't into it, but still wants to be friends.  Unfortunately, Conrado doesn't find a boyfriend;  he's stuck in the tragic "gay guy in love with straight guy" trope.

Beefcake:  Surprisingly little.  They are employees, usually working, and we rarely see any guests.

Gay Characters: The tragic Conrado.

Heterosexual Hijinks:  I expected them to be hooking up constantly, but there's surprisingly little hetero-romance going on.  Most of the drama concerns clashing career goals, dark secrets from one's past, and hotel development plans, with an occasional near-drowning.

Malcon:  Have you ever tried searching for someone named Malcon?  Google absolutely will not permit it.

Me: Search for Malcon

Google: Did you mean Malcolm?

Me: No.  Search for Malcon.

Google: Here are results for Malcolm.

Me:  No.  Search for Malcon.

Google: Did you mean Malcolm?

Whoops, I read it wrong.  His actual name is Maicon, and he's famous in Brazil, with a dozen tv series and 400,000 Instagram followers.  


  1. The trailer shows some beautiful scenery and attractive young people engaged in mostly heterosexist couplings. When I tried googling Malcom Rodriguez I kept getting "Malcom in the Middle"

    1. Apparently I was reading it wrong all this time. It's Maicon Rodrigues (I instead of L), and he's famous in Brazil, with a dozen tv series on IMDB and 400,000 followers on instagram.

  2. If you search for Malcon with quote marks on it, Google lets me do that. There's even a guy named "Malcon" on LinkedIn.


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