May 23, 2022

Pop Quiz about the H-Word


When someone tells you that a word causes them pain, what is the proper response:

a. No, it doesn't.  You are wrong.  I know what you are feeling, and this word definitely doesn't cause you pain.

b. I understand that the word causes you pain, but I'm going to continue to use it around you anyway, because I enjoy hurting people.

c. Ok, I won't use it around you.


  1. Feel sorry for any gay person who had to read those horrible books

    1. When I first came out in the 1978, there were no books on "homosexuality" in the Rock Island Public Library. There were three in the Indiana University Library: "The Homosexual Matrix," the memoirs of Tennessee Williams, and "Nothing Like the Sun," a novel about Shakespeare.

  2. You forgot "practicing". My personal bugaboo.

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