Nov 15, 2023

10 Things You Should Know about Noah Schnapp. Most do not involve hazelnut spread

1. He plays Will Byers: a shy, artistic boy who gets zapped into a scary alternative universe in Season 1 of Stranger Things.   In later seasons, he becomes upset when his friend Mike gets a girlfriend and doesn't want to hang out as much.  Mike tries to explain that every boy becomes interested in girls; it's part of growing up.  But Will isn't having it. Fans began speculating that Will was gay.  The showrunners confirmed that he is, but he has not yet come out on the show.

2. He has been criticized for his long, slow coming out process, but he counters that the show is set in the 1980s, where teachers and parents generally pretended that same-sex desire and practice did not exist.  So Will is unlikely to realize that being gay is even possible, or else he'll think that he is the only gay person on Earth.

3. He has 14 credits on the IMDB, including Hubie Halloween and The Tutor.

4.  In January 2023, Noah came out to his family and friends.   He then came out to his fans on TikTok, saying "I'm more similar to Will than I thought."  His first Gay Pride was in New York in 2023.

5. He has a Facebook page, but it seems to be just dozens of ads for TBH.  He doesn't say what it is: he just shows the jar and assure you that it's the most incredbily amazing, fantastic thing that ever existed.  You have to click on the link to the company website to find out that it's hazelnut spread (like an incredibly nutritious peanut butter).

Sorry if I sound sarcastic, but I was expecting pictures of Noah hugging a boyfriend, and instead I get commercials.

6.. Noah's favorite social media site for non-hazelnut posts is TikTok.  One of his TikTok posts accidentally showed his penis, but he deleted it right away.  He was over 18 at the time, so technically it was legal, just embarrassisng.

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More TikTok.  You could use a little instruction in cropping, dude.

7. Noah's instagram page contains many pics of him hugging girls, but none of him hugging boys.  You'd never know he was gay.  Better than advertising hazelnut paste, I guess.

9. He has been to Syracuse, New York.  I don't know what he was doing there. Looks like drowning.

9. He got in trouble for posting a "Zionism is Sexy" sticker during the Israel-Gaza conflict.  People thought that he was trivializing the war.

10. Noah is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation.  That explains the hazelnut paste ads.  

He has also started TenderFix, offering delivery-only chicken and plant-based food nationwide.

I'm guessing that with two businesses plus classes, his acting career is low priority.

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