Feb 20, 2024

"They're combing Wyoming": Eight hot/hung guys flexing in Idaho, hiking in Wyoming, and going to the Denver Opera


The title of "Eight Hot/Hung Arnkansans" comes from the musical Annie Get Your Gun, as Frank Reynolds explains that he's extremely good in bed, but a player, so you shouldn't get involved.  He continues:

There's a guy in Wyoming -- they're combing Wyoming/ To find the man in white who was with him that night. 

Gulp, that sounds sinister, but he just means that he ghosted the guy after the hookup.  

Here are eight hot/hung/naked guys from Wyoming and nearby mountain states.  First up: a wrestler from the University of Idaho, Moscow.

Link to the nude version

The Denver Art Museum. Generic name, Gaudi style.

Denver Opera Bulge

Wyoming muscle.

More muscle after the break

Rodeo Coach

Missoula, Montana

Waterfall muscle

Yellowstone Muscle

Eight Mountain State guys with dicks on RG Beefcake and Boyfriends

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