Feb 22, 2024

Jack Griffo's Gay Connection

 Jack Griffo (left) was both a Nickelodeon and a Disney Channel teen hunk, with a guest spot on Jessie and a starring role in The Thundermans.(2013-2018).

Born in December 1996, Jack got his first commercial contract at age 2, and soon began modeling and acting in community theater in his hometown of Orlando, Florida.  A talent agent spotted him, and convinced him and his family to relocate to Los Angeles in 2010.

In 2011, he appeared in the movie Sound of My Voice, and on the Disney channel teencom Kickin' It (as a dancer) and Nickelodeon's Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures.

In 2012, in the short What I Did Last Summer: First Kiss and the music video American Hero.

In 2013, in Nickelodeon's See Dad Run with Scott Baio and Marvin Marvin 

He starred as a gay-vague supervillain in training in the Nickelodeon teencom The Thundermans. 

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Later he had a recurring role on the Nickelodeon teencom Alexis & Katie, as the gay-subtext bff of series regular Emery Kelly.

Not to mention live theater and a youtube page, where Jack posts covers of popular songs by Justin Bieber and One Direction.  The music video "Hold Me" received 4 million page views.

And lots of shirtless, bicep-flexing, and swimming pool shots. 

His gay connection:

 In his onscreen roles that I've seen, he doesn't display any heterosexual interest, and he has a series of gay-subtext bffs.

His homophobic connection:

He attends the fundamentalist Ecclesia Church in Hollywood.

Could go either way:

On his facebook page, Jack reposted a youtube video entitled "Don't Say Gay," about a little boy convincing his big brother that "gay" is a bad word.  I agree with discouraging kids from the all-purpose insult "that's so gay,"  but not with the idea that it's a bad word that must never be spoken.  I've been there.
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