May 23, 2024

Jamie McGuire: The Smiley Creature from "From," with Halifax hunks and a nude Dylan Sprouse

Link to the nude photos

From, on MGM+, is set in the ruins of a small town, with a diner, a police station, a hotel, a farm, and some houses, where stranded travelers from various parts of the U.S. get stuck.  Every night humanoid creatures appear, dressed in 1950s costumes -- mechanic, nurse, librarian, tv cowboy.  They try to lure you outside, or trick you into letting them in, whereupon they turn into monsters and kill you.  

The Creatures are the main threat, and one of the biggest mysteries, in From. They are impervious to most weapons, but they don't have paranormal powers.  Their physiology is human, but dessicated, as if they've been mummified.  They were once regular humans: a Creature named Jasmine says "I didn't ask to be this way."  My theory is that some sort of dark magic went wrong during the 1950s, zapping the town into a pocket universe and transforming some of the townsfolk into Creatures.

Jamie McGuire's Smiley Creature has become a fan favorite, due to his especially huge, creepy grin and his quirky personality: he  seems delighted to be part of the world again.  He feels furniture, picks up objects.  He climbs aboard a stalled bus and plays at driving it.   

He was killed in Season 2, but Creatures never really die, so chances are he'll be back in Season 3.

Without the creepy grin, Jamie is quite handsome, so I wanted to know more about him.  

He's been interviewed a dozen times, but mostly about the Smiley Creature -- and he doesn't know any more than we do.  He just puts on a creepy grin and follows the director's instructions.

Researching Jamie McGuire turns out to be extremely difficult.  A Google search yields 3,000 entries about a romance novelist named Jamie McGuire, mostly reviewing two of her books that have been made into movies, Beautiful Disaster and Beautiful Wedding.    Dylan Sprouse, top photo, stars as an inked bad boy boxer. 

More Jamie after the break

Instagram and Facebook are equally fruitless.  Lots of posts and photos of that romance novelist, an addiction recovery counselor, an English footballer, a fitness model, and a MMA fighter.

So we're stuck with the IMDB, which has no biographical information, and only four acting roles:

A Neanderthal in the documentary Neanderthal Apocalypse, 2015

An unspecified role in the comedy Hopeless Romantic, 2018, a local production filmed near the director's home in Newfoundland.

A background performer in Kids v. Aliens, 2022, a local production filmed near the director's home in Nova Scotia.

And From, which is filmed in Newfoundland.

Jamie's resume and some headshots are available online.  He studied acting in Peterborough and Toronto.  No college listed.  He's multilingual in English, French, Spanish, and Italian

In addition to the IMDB listings, he has performed in commercials for Beecham Cough Syrup, Stillwater Beer Garden in Nova Scotia, and a credit union.

He is proficient in running, hiking, skiing, swimming, and physical fitness.

But until he starts an interview with "I was born in..." Jamie McGuire will continue to be as much of a mystery as the Smiley Creature.

The nude Dylan Sprouse and Halifax hunks are on RG Beefcake and Boyfriends

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