Jun 12, 2024

Preston Oliver: Teen idol with four tv roles, two boyfriends, "Ask Me" Toney, and some nude costars

I found Preston Oliver by accident while researching Ian Winningkoff.

According to the IMDB, he was born in 2006 and grew up in Las Vegas.  He got bit by the drama bug in fifth grade, when he was cast as a pirate in a version of Peter Pan.  Acting classes and professional representation followed, and, at age 12, his tv debut on two episodes of Chicago Fire: 

As the troubled son of richster Bradley Boyd (Justin Belfi), he sts Dad's boat and garage on fire, is sent away for counseling, and is never mentioned again. 

Less than six months later, Preston was cast in two episodes of This is Us, as the son of Kevin. played by Justin Hartley.  It's a soap opera, so Kevin's character arc was very complex and loaded down with tragedy.

Then came an episode of Roswell, New Mexico as young Michael. one of the main characters, who abandons a relationship with a man to fall in love with a woman. I don't know if he's bisexual, or got "cured" of being gay.  He's played by Michael Vlamis. 

Preston's big break came in the Disney Channel's Secrets of Sulphur Springs, about a boy and a girl solving mysteries involving time travel. 

More Preston after the break

It ended in 2023, after three seasons.  He stayed friends with his tv brother, played by Landon Gordon.

And with this guy.

Preston has 95,000 followers on Instagram, 60,000 on Tiktok, and 1,000 on Facebook, all moderated by his parents, of course.  He writes: "I love basketball, video games, and making people laugh."

Not many risque posts, as one might expect from someone who recently turned 18. When Preston visited Atlanta and depended on guide Toney, he  or a follower -- it's hard to tell -- praised a massage, saying "Tony has what I need."  I don't know if he really got a massage.

According to TikTok, Preston is dating Kyleigh Curran, so chances are he's straight, or gay and not out yet.  One may question this buddy pic, though.

I didn't look for any nudes, since the guy has only been over 18 for a few months, but you can make do with teen idol cuteness.

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