Oct 26, 2018

Ricky/Rick Schroder

Ricky Schroeder was the iconic "cute kid" of the 1980s.  With his cherubic round face, baby blue eyes, and dimpled cheeks, he looked like a Campbell's Soup kid, or Richie Rich before his muscle spurt -- perfect for heart-wrenching roles on movies-of-the-week like Something So Right and A Reason to Live.

 In 1982, at age 12, Ricky was cast as a poor little rich boy on Silver Spoons -- his dad (Joel Higgins) is the fabulously wealthy owner of a toy company, so they live in a mansion that looks like a giant toy store.  Ricky has a series of same-sex chums, many of whom went on to teen idol careers  -- Anthony Starke, Jason Bateman as a bad boy, Billy Jacoby as another bad boy, Corky Pigeon as a nerd, Bobby Fite as a cowboy, and finally Alfonso Ribeiro, who grew into a bodybuilding hunk.

By 1987, Ricky was 17, muscular, and no longer cherubic, so Silver Spoons ended. Ricky renamed himself Rick, dropped the "e" from his last name (it merely signifies an umlaut in German), and started a massive re-invention campaign.

No more rich kids, nor more sophisticates.  If the role didn't require a Southern accent, he wasn't interested.  He played cowboys, country boys, rednecks,killers, and sports stars.  He was shirtless or sometimes completely nude in Too Young the Hero (1988), Across the Tracks (1991), and lots more.

And he did a substantial amount of buddy-bonding,

Rick has remained very active in moves and on tv.  In 2008 he made headlines by playing what was probably the first openly gay character on a tv science fiction series, Major Bill Keene on  The Andromeda Strain.

Though he is a long-term Republican, a member of the NRA, and a Mormon, three groups not known for their gay-friendliness, Rick is not at all homophobic.

There is a celebrity hookup story about Ricky on Tales of West Hollywood


  1. Although I loved Jason Bateman on the show, I spent many nights in the early 1980s fantasizing about Bobby Fite. He looked like a 12yo Brad Pitt (before anyone had ever heard of Brad Pitt) and his Texas accent and skin-tight wranglers drove me wild. Ricky Schroeder did absolutely nothing for me at all, but I remember one episode where Ricky has to dress up as a girl (it's a long story) and Bobby Fite's character finds him so irresistible that he ignores the girl he's brought to the party and begins making a series of sexual advances for Ricky (as a gay kid having had absolutely no representation in mainstream culture whatsoever, this was my ideal fantasy brought to life). If you haven't seen it, you can find it on YouTube by searching "Silver Spoons Season 1 Episode 14 The Most Beautiful Girl in the World". Part 2 is where the action begins, but I highly recommend starting with Part 1 for the full experience (and backstory as to how/why he's dressed as a girl).

    I also seem to recall a 'Happy Days' episode which was similar. Richie and Potsie are trying to join a fraternity (or something like that) and must go to a dance in drag. The Fonz (who somehow doesn't recognize them) becomes smitten and starts putting the moves on Richie. Apparently back in the 1970s and 1980s this type of homoerotic scenario was the only one deemed appropriate for children and was extremely hot stuff as far as I was concerned.

    1. I remember that episode...Ricky even looked beautiful in drag.

  2. thanks, for your comments, I am gonna look up that episode. I was the world's biggest Ricky Schroder fan as a child and now follow him on facebook. I have seen every episode now I am gonna go back and look at this one.

  3. I heard his marriage was coming to a close. Any updates on that? I always thought he was bi, honestly. In everything he does, including but not limited to SILVER SPOONS (that show probably helped a lot of gen X/early gen Y kids figure out whether they liked boys or girls), there's either a shirtless scene or physical contact with another guy.

    1. He's a Republican, a Mormon, and a member of the NRA. If he is gay, he's got a lot of conflicts going on. But I don't think I want to ask.

    2. Politics, schmolitics; I've wondered the same thing about Helen Reddy, honestly.

    3. 1983 here. I have vague memories of 80s TV other than kids' shows and things I saw as reruns later. This is an important point: I once saw White Shadow on Nick at Nite. I wasn't even born when it was in. Family Channel had 60s Batman when I was a kid. (In fact, my parents lived in the country, so they didn't see 60s Batman either!)

      Shows I remember watching in the 80s that weren't cartoons or Nickelodeon:

      Small Wonder
      Webster (not Diff'rent Strokes, though)
      Mr Belvedere
      Charles in Charge
      The Cosby Show
      The Price is Right
      Wheel of Fortune

      Cosby seemed to be on in every waiting room in the country. My pediatrician had it on. My parents' internist had it on. The hospital had it on. The dentist had it on.

      I don't remember beefcake, or cheesecake for that matter.

      I more remember 80s movies than 80s TV. And I distinctly remember having a thing for fantasy.

    4. It's funny, because I see gun control as a wypipo issue. It reinvented itself as "If we ban guns, racist white cops will stop killing us!" in the Obama years, even more so when desperately trying to find one reason the Hillary Dolezal isn't a Republican, but there's no reason to believe the only people allowed to have guns won't continue discharging them in people who don't share their (chromatic) values other than the unfounded assumption that they're reasonable people.

  4. Ricky was and is perfection. I was in love with him before I even knew I had a thing for guys. Talent, brains, and beauty!

  5. hey Boomer, just fyi, the celeb hookup link currently leads to the cole/dylan sprouse story.

  6. Umlaut? Well, I suppose shredders are the most badass-sounding office equipment.


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