Nov 30, 2013

Seth Green: Werewolf, Gay Party Boy, or Homophobic Robot?

Although Seth Green had been appearing on tv and in movies since 1984, when he was 10 years old, I didn't notice him until Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2000): he played Oz, the laconic high school werewolf who dated Willow before she "turned" lesbian.

Ok, I thought: nice guy, and Buffy is a pro-gay program.  Seth must be pro-gay himself.

Next I saw him as Scott Evil, son of Austin Powers' nemesis Dr. Evil in Goldfinger (2002).

Ok, I thought: Goldfinger isn't exactly gay-inclusive, but it's not homophobic, either. Seth is probably pro gay.

Besides, he played in the gay-themed Nunzio's Second Cousin (2004) and Boys Life 2. 

But then the homophobia started.

Party Monster (2003): A swishy New York partyboy is almost "saved" from is "destructive lifestyle" through the love of a good woman.

Without a Paddle (2004): three guys are stranded in the wilderness, and must do sick, disgusting, horrifying things in order to survive.  Like cuddle.

Sex Drive (2008): A guy crosses the country to hook up with the Girl of His Dreams after stealing a car from his homophobic brother (who turns out to be a swish).

Old Dogs (2009): Haven't seen it, but anything starring Robin Williams and John Travolta has to be terrible, and it was listed in Yahoo! as one of the "most homophobic movies you've seen."

Then there's the ongoing homophobia of his tv series, Robot Chicken (2005-2013), Family Guy (1999-), and most recently costarring with Giovanni Ribisi on  Dads (2013), reviled by critics as the most homophobic (and racist, and sexist) program on tv.  After Family Guy, that's saying a lot.

So is Seth Green pro-gay or homophobic?  Or a pro-gay homophobe?  Or is he just oblivious to the cultural impact of the roles he takes?

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