Feb 14, 2018

More Tarzans on Stage

I've already done a post on Tarzan musicals, but summer playhouses, community theaters, little theaters, and high school and college drama departments keep coming up with more, cramming any hunk who can swing on a vine into a loincloth and letting him strut his stuff for two hours.  Sure, the plot is heteronormative, but who's going to Tarzan for the plot?

1. Mount Gretna Playhouse in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  Go Amish!

2.  Helena Theater Company.  Montana is Big Sky Country.  Also big biceps.

3. Epiphany Lutheran Church in Dayton, Ohio.  Go Lutherans!

4.  A little skinny, but there probably weren't a lot of musclemen who could act in Marble Falls, Texas, population 7,000.

5.  The Hale Center Theatre in Orem, Utah.  Go Mormons!

More after the break

6.  University High School, Orlando, Florida.  His abs are just painted on.

7. Jefferson Performing Arts Center, New Orleans.  His abs are painted on, too, but his biceps and triceps are real.  And they're spectacular.

8.  A regrettable costume choice from Waterloo High School in Iowa.

9. Red Lion High School, in Red Lion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Everything you ever thought about the Amish is wrong.

10.  The Children's Theatre of Charlotte.  Could it be -- a black Tarzan?

And that's just the first 10.  Another post coming up.

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  1. To be fair, Elmo Lincoln wore a toga thing.


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