Feb 16, 2018

Can You Ever Get Tired of Tarzan Musical Beefcake?

Tired of Tarzans yet?

I didn't think so.

Here are a gaggle of loincloth-clad musclemen (more or less), gathered from high school and college drama departments, little theaters, children's theaters, and miscellaneous beefcake venues across the U.S. (with a few European entries).

1.North Shore Music Theater, Beverly, Massachusetts.  It has a theater in the round so you can see Tarzan from all angles.

2.  The Barter Theater in Abingdon, Virginia.

3.  Amity High School in Woodbridge, Connecticut offers one of the more buffed Tarzan, with long hair but no dreads.

4. Stafford High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia gave Tarzan a 1950s greaser haircut, but with that chest, who cares?

5. Pittsburgh Musical Theater.  Rather an ugly Tarzan, but at least he has biceps.

More after the break.

6. I don't mind the Jack Black lookalike playing Tarzan at Sierra Pacific High School in Hanford, California, but the tattoos are a little much.

7. Tuacahn Center for the Arts, Ivins, Utah, near Snow Canyon State Park, seats 3,000. I don't know where they all come from.  The only other thing I could find about Ivins, Utah is a news story, "boy flees polygamous sect."

8. Father Thomas Scecina Memorial High School in Indianapolis. I like chubs as much as the next guy, but is vine-swinging really feasible once you reach 250 pounds?

This particular Tarzan is now a telecommunications major at Ball State University.

9. A Dutch Tarzan at the Circustheater in The Hague.  Nice body, but I'm not thrilled with the forehead tattoo.  Makes him look like Charles Manson.

10. Stage Apollo in Stuttgart.



  1. That's not a forehead tattoo, it's his microphone. The tech should be ashamed.

    1. Still makes him look like Charles Manson. I'm sure there are other places to put microphones.

    2. Maybe the tech had never done a shirtless character before? I mean, yeah, it's not that hard, but I'm suggesting the tech is merely a moron and not an imbecile.


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