Dec 11, 2019

Philip McKeon after Alice

Philip McKeon was one of the biggest teen stars of the 1970s, mostly for his role as Tommy Hyatt, son of single mom Alice Hyatt (Linda Lavin) on Alice (1976-85), and also because he was the brother of Nancy McKeon, the tomboy Jo on The Facts of Life (1979-88).   But he had a respectable career in buddy-bonding and gay-vague roles, without Linda and Nancy around.

Born in 1964, the tall, grinning blond got his start as a child model at age 4, and soon moved on to television commercials and theater.  Linda Lavin saw him in Jason and Medea, a retelling of the Greek myth, and recommended him for Tommy.

While working on Alice, Phil did the usual Love Boat/ Fantasy Island guest shots, plus Leadfoot (1982), a cautionary tale about a teen who drives too fast, thus jeopardizing his life and that of his best friend Murph (played by fellow teen star Peter Barton).

In an episode of Amazing Stories (1986), Phil plays a World War II solder who is saved, along with other members of his platoon, by the outcast Arnold (Larry Spinack), who may have been a ghost. There's some glimmers of buddy bonding.

In Red Surf (1989), a drug dealer named True Blue (Phil) is busted by the police, talks too much, and draws the ire of crime boss Calavera (Rick Najera).  So his two buddies, Atilla (Doug Savant) and Remar (George Clooney) must rush to the rescue.

He also starred in a few horror movies before moving into direction (Edge of Nowhere, The Young Unknowns) and production, including Where the Day Takes You (with David Arquette as a bisexual prostitute), Teresa's Tattoo (with a full contingent of 1980s hunks, including Matt Adler, C. Thomas Howell, and Lou Diamond Philips),  Murder in the First, and The Jacket. 

Both Phil and Nancy McKeon were the subject of gay rumors, but they never made any public statements.

Phil McKeon died on December 10th, 2019, after a long illness


  1. I met Phil a couple of years ago. Definitely got a gay vibe from him.

  2. I worked with a girl who dated him long term. She was credible. Too bad, he was one of my teen crushes.

  3. He's at least Bi - and I'm the guy that can prove it! :-)

    1. Give me some details and I'll post it on Tales of West Hollywood

    2. Oh please please please please PLEASE!

    3. There's a Philip McKeon hookup story on "Tales of West Hollywood," from when he was starring in "Return to Horror High" in 1987

  4. Our Condolences go out to the Family of Philip McKeon.
    Philip was a handsome and talented actor. Philip played his acting role so well. Watching "Alice" on television for the great nine years was very enjoyable, and to see "Tommy" grow from his real age of 12 through 21. Philip will be missed.

  5. Yes he was a beautiful man. But he was a brother and a son. So it's only fitting to send out condolences to those he left behind. Personally and all the millions of fans. RIP

  6. GOD, I LOVED HIM! I didn't know he died in 2019. I also didn't know he was 8 years older than me. He was one of my boy crushes during the 1980s. So gawd damned CUTE and funny "Alice"! Every time he flashed that toothy grin of his I fell in love all over again! 😍😍😍😍😍 💝💝💝💝💝


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