Apr 12, 2024

The homoerotic hijinks of Skyler Gisondo crew, with at least four gay and at least three nude dudes


Link to NSFW  version

Skyler Gisondo grew up in California.  He was home schooled for several years to give him free time for acting; then he attended Milken Community School, a Jewish high school, graduating in 2014.  He was deeply involved in Jewish activities, including Temple Beth Am (Conservative Judaism), USY (United Synagogue Youth) and Camp Alonim.  In 2015 he began attending the University of Southern California, a semester at a time to make room for Santa Clarita Diet.

In high school and college, Skyler found some hunky friends who enjoyed homoerotic horseplay.  Some have remained part of his crew to this day.  

1. Top photo: Joshua Tree.  Skyler is the one pretending to be a top.

2. His friend Ben in Israel.

3. Skyler and his roommates.  What happens in the apartment, stays in the apartment.

4. In Costa Rica.

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5. Skyler is the one attached to a guy instead of a girl.

6.  This one grew up to become a model.

7. Looks like Skyler has some ab competition.

8. Skyler's sleepover.

At least three nude dudes on RG Beefcake and Boyfriends

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