Jan 25, 2022

The Top 10 Hunks of "Brassic"

 Brassic (slang for "insolvent") follows a gang of working-class lads in the town of Hawley, in the north of England.  Their escapades involve mostly thefts that go wrong, marijuana deals that go wrong,  and brawling -- lots of beefy guys sweating in barns.  A lot of male nudity.  And, surprisingly, some gay representation.  

Here are the top ten hunks: 

The Gang

1. Vinnie (Joe Gilgun), the leader, grew up in a safe-blowing family.  He suffers from bipolar disorder, and has a son with his best friend Dylan's girlfriend.  

2. Dylan (Damien Molony), Vinnie's best friend, passed up a chance to go to uni to stay with the lads.  

3. Ash (Aaron Heffernan) grew up in a fighting family of Irish travelers (nomads).  He is still a bare-knuckle boxer and the muscle of the gang, and gay (out to his friends, but not to his family).  Nothing in the episode synopsis about getting a boyfriend.

4. Tommo (Ryan Sampson) enjoys shagging.  He runs secret S&M nights for the town's businessmen.  Presumably heterosexual S&M, although actor Ryan Sampson is gay.  He came out while starring in the comedy Plebs, and introduced the world to his boyfriend on instagram.

5. Cardi (Tom Hanson) got his nickname from "cardiac arrest" due to his weight (although you'd never know it from his nude scene).  He appears to be cognitively disabled, and acts as the runner for the gang.

6. JJ (Parth Thakarer) grew up in an overachieving family, dropped out of college, and joined the gang.  He runs a chop shop for stolen cars.


7.  Chris Cox (Dominic West) is Vinnie's doctor, who pervs on his female patients.

8. Terence McCann (Ramon Thikaran) is a shady businessman whom Vinnie often works for or runs afoul of.

9.  Jake (Anthony Welsh) competes with Dylan for the heart of his girlfriend.

10. Gary (Tadhg Murphy) is a fighter who appears in Season 3.  Worth the wait. 


  1. I'll watch for Damien Molony. Loved him in Being Human. I forgot he was in Crashing with Jonathan Bailey.


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