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  1. Can you talk about animorphs?

  2. Goosebumps R.L. Stine TV show please

    1. I never saw the show or read the books, but I'll look them up.

  3. My two dad's? Sitcom

  4. Hana Kimi Taiwan? You can find the episodes on youtube just type in show name and eng sub.

  5. The first time that I saw a sympathetic gay character on tv was on show about a newspaper reporter and the gay character was a young cop . This must have been in the mid 70s.

    1. That may have been an episode of "Barney Miller." There were a lot of gay walk-on characters in 1970s tv series: a visiting friend or brother would come out, everybody would be shocked but learn to be tolerant, and they would never be mentioned again. The first time "gay" was specifically stated was on an episode of "Mary Tyler Moore" in 1973.

    2. It was in an episode of "Lou Grant"- Joe Penny played the closeted gay cop- it stands up very well

  6. you missed Soap

  7. Can you talk about plastic man comics? The police comics and the golden age ones. Interested in how you'd see the relationship between plastic man and his sidekick, Woozy.

    1. I'm not actually familiar with Plastic Man. I've never been much of a fan of superhero comics, so I never read any as a kid, and now I only read them for research.

  8. Have you ever seen "The Starlost" (1973). A science fiction series about a three young people Devon (Keir Dullea), Rachel (Gay Roman) and Garth (Robin Ward) who have to save their Ark spaceship from crashing into the sun. Devon and Rachel and Garth are a love triangle but the men have zero chemistry with the dull woman. Garth has real hunk appeal- if you like Canadian bacon but he never looses his shirt. The show is special effects are very cheesy now but some of the episodes are weird. My favorite is "The Return of Calabra" in which they find an all male society. You can see them all on You Tube.

  9. Never heard of it, but I know who Kerr Dulea is. I'll look it up on Youtube.

    1. The Starlost is mainly remembered because it was created by noted sf writer Harlan Ellison. He was well-known to be temperamental and when the producers fiddled with the project to the point where he felt they'd totally ruined it, he left the show and forced them through a union clause to credit him as Cordwainer Bird, code to his fans for 'this show stinks.'
      By all accounts, he was pretty much right. The show was muddled, horribly written, and had dreadful special effects. I've never seen it myself, though.

  10. The best thing about is Garth and his tight pants

  11. I recently saw an episode for the final season of "The Streets of San Francisco" about a gay cop which is surprisingly progressive for the time. Barry Primus plays the gay detective in "A Good Cop But..." on DVD the shows look great and one can really appreciate the beauty of the young Richard Hatch who replaced Michael Douglas as Karl Malden's partner

  12. You should check out "Worst Week" (2008-2009) with the beefy hairy Kyle Bornheimer who managed to loose his shirt or more in almost every episode

  13. You might wanna check out "OK KO" (originally aired on Cartoon Network, streaming on HBO Max and Hulu). The main character of the show is a goofy little kid named KO, and his best friend is a (androgynous looking) girl named Dendy. No romance is ever implied/forced between them, even in the scenes set in the future. It's so refreshing since so many cartoons try to turn any friendship between a girl and a boy into a romantic relationship. (It's heterosexism, of course.) There's also three different gay couples that end up together.
    Enid and Red Action, one of the main characters and a cool girl she has a crush on, respectively. Their first date is shown in "Back In Red Action", the episode "Red Action To The Future" is about them too, and they kiss in the episode "Red Action 3". Enid is also bisexual, she has a pride flag sticker on her bike and helmet in several episodes.
    Boxman and Venomous, the main villain and his more-respected crush. Boxman invites Venomous over for dinner in the episode "We're Captured" and tries to woo him despite everything going wrong. They go to a party together in "Villain's Night In", Boxman stays with Venomous after getting kicked out of his own house in "Boxman Crashes", and they become a couple, move in together, and raise their kids together in "All in the Villainy" which is an homage to retro sitcoms but with a family of gay cartoon dads and robot/animal children. They're both shown wearing wedding rings in the finale to show they married each other.
    Secondary characters Joff and Nick, who are a monk and a soldier respectively, and have opposite personalities but are in love with each other anyway. They're focused on in the episode "Be A Team". They also get married in the final episode (and kiss on the lips!)
    There's also Radicles and Raymond. Radicles is one of the main characters, and Raymond is one of Boxman's sons. They have a rivalry with a lot of romantic subtext. In the episode "Plaza Prom" they dance battle each other, and in the episode "Project Ray Way", they have a fashion battle. Both are filled with flirty dialogue between the two.
    The show was created by Ian Jones Quartey, who worked on Adventure Time and Steven Universe (which you have posted about before). He's also married to the creator of Steven Universe. He and his wife has both talked about wanting the LGBT people (especially kids) in their audience to feel seen and represented by their characters.

    1. That's a lot of gay characters for one series. I'll have to buy it on Vudu, since I don't get Hulu.

  14. New Girl? You'd have sooooo much material to work with

  15. I noticed you don't mention "Rat Patrol" with the army buddies bonding in combat- I always had a crush on Lawrence P Casey- who later was in the ridiculous gay comedy "The Gay Deceivers"

    1. I can't watch every tv series in existence, or I'd have no time for anythng else.


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